La guerra civil en Tayikistán, 1992-1997

From: Ghosts of Alexander. Conflict and Society in Central Asia

August 25, 2009

Bushkov and Mikul’skii put the time and effort into producing a nuanced and in-depth analysis of the Civil War in Tajikistan… but then the cover designer decides to go Manichean with the design. And he messed up the title as well. The title is Anatomy of the Civil War in Tajikistan, whereas he wrote “History” in the place of “Anatomy.”

The book is published by Akademiya Nauk, and the authors are academics, so the book is likely solid (based on what of Bushkov’s work I have read and recommendations of a Russian professor). But it was published in 1996 and they used what appears to be recycled toilet paper and tiny type that is barely legible. Oh, well.

It’s in the scanner, so if you can read rooskie yazeek and you want a huge Russian OCR’d PDF, let me know.

UPDATE: I was in a bookshop in Dushanbe (more like a hole in the wall) and found a book titled the exact same as the incorrect cover. But it’s about a different era. You can see the details on Worldcat.